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Super Eyeprotect System, impact resistant high quality lens, Polarized, UV 400



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Bringing Convenience As Well As Eye Protection

Our glasses have been designed by an outdoor sports enthusiast, and keen golfer. He knows the importance of wearing a cap or visor in the sun; however that is not always enough. The Sports Sunglasses provide safety with 100% protection from harmful UV rays and dangerous glare. A cap and Sports Sunglasses go perfectly together.

For those people who do not enjoy the feel of ordinary sunglasses for long periods, the Super Eyeprotect System was designed for comfortable extended wear. We're very proud of our unique combination of advance joints and adjustable clips to fit any form of peak. They even provide the convenience of tilting up and down for a different perspective on that vital shot.

Fishing Sun Glasses, Polarized, UV 400, Clip on capWhether you play Golf, Fish, Cycle, Run, Sail or spectate or simply enjoy the outdoor life, clip on your Sports Sunglasses.

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Colours of lens : grey, and brown.

Gain the advantage with a choice of colours

Grey: absorbs across the spectrum approximately equally, providing the most natural colour definition. A must for golfers.

Sepia / Brown: In frequently changing conditions, the Sepia / Brown lenses maintain a gentle balance ideally for hikers and campers.


Unique characteristicsN-Series

Fits any Brim
Fits any Brim
curved or flat, the Sports Sunglasses fit perfectly.
Easily Adjustable
Easily Adjustable
the clips are easily altered to fit all brim widths (5.5-7.2 inches).
Easily Flipping Up
Easily Flipping Up
advance joint makes the flipping-up so easily.

Improved characteristics than other sunglasses


UV 400

100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Polarized Lens

possibly the most important factor in reducing glare. Vital for water sports (and for looking for the golf ball that went slightly off line).

Impact Resistant High Quality Lens

Play your sport in safety.

Lightweight Construction

designed to be worn in comfort for long periods of time. Let the cap do the work.

Wraparound Lens

optimal shielding from sun and wind.

Headgear With a Brim or Peak

The product can only be used on headgear with a brim or peak.

* The product can only be used on headgear with a brim or peak.


Inquiry and Suggestion
Because we believe our Super Eyeprotect System will benefit everyone, we are pleased to accept enquiries from individuals and businesses alike. We respect all opinions. Please feel free to contact us; our details are below.
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Authorized manufacturer:
Huntington Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taiwan