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Specialized in metal parts manufacturing, including die-casting, stamping, forging, machining, and OEM service in metal parts.




Expertise in Metal Parts

HUNTINGTON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1976. The head-office is located in Taipei, Taiwan and manufacturing facilities are set up in Taiwan as well as in China. A cooperative teamwork of several divisions along with the support of numerous subcontractors creates the wide and excellent array of capabilities and services that are unique to HUNTINGTON. This teamwork enables HUNTINGTON to promptly and cost efficiently develop products from an initial concept or ideal design to the production stage. An essential core of HUNTINGTON's character is its ability to build up specialized toolings to manufacture a wide variety of items. HUNTINGTON has manufactured thousands of components and assemblies for the overseas customers and through a most rigorous and strict QC procedure process. Cost reduction, cost efficiency, and excellence are just some of the basics one can expect when working with HUNTINGTON.

Manufacturing Bases

1. Tainan, Taiwan
2. Shanghai, China - Stamping house & machine shop
3. Kunshan, China - Die-casting foundry

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